Alarko Real Estate Investment Company "AREIC" was established in July 1996 by transforming an Alarko company established in 1978 to a Real Estate Investment company. The first transaction of AREIC was to sell the building of 37,000 m² , whose rough construction work was completed, to the Ottoman Bank in October 1996 and put this sum as the capital in kind of the new company.
Following this first transaction, the company continued its activities by investing in projects developed by the Alarko Group as well as by taking over and leasing real estate belonging to the Group's companies and obtaining rent revenues.
Registered Capital : 20,000,000.- TL
Paid-in Capital : 10,650,794.- TL
Rate of Public Offering : %49
Date of Public Offering : 19-20 December 1996
Public Offering Price : 0,0041 TL

Muallim Naci Cad. No : 69 34347 Ortaköy-İISTANBUL-TURKEY
Phone: (212) 227 52 00    Fax : (212) 261 84 31,   227 04 27