The strategy of the company consists of investing in real estate projects being developed at an early stage, thus enabling the investor to profit from the high income of the project exempt of tax.

The portfolio will consist of various real estate projects, most of which will be housing projects of the Alarko Land Development Group. The company will maintain its close contact with the Alarko Group in the development of the projects and will conduct the sales strategy and timing of the units in the portfolio in the most effective manner.

Most of the members of the Board of Directors and top management are members of the Alarko Group as determined by the provisions of the relevant Communiqué of Capital Market Board.

All shares, including those sold to the public, have equal rights in dividend payments. The Company will determine its dividend payment policy taking into consideration investments, growth and market development efforts and in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Law, the principles of the Articles of Association and the Capital Market Board's regulations.

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